Justin Gilmore


Hometown: Arlington, TX

What was your first occupation?

At 15 Justin was a game hawker at Six Flags over Texas. His rise among the ranks of hawkers was meteoric and by the summer of his senior year of high school he was asked to fill the role of Santa Claus on stage at the Crazy Horse Saloon.

When you’re not working…

Spending time with his family and working around the yard as a stress relief (yes, he actually claimed it was relaxing. Our research department is looking into the veracity of this response). He also enjoys playing the guitar and watching college sports because collegiate athletes are “passionate about playing, it’s not all about dollars and cents.”

Favorite all time live performance?

Seeing “RENT” on Broadway during a freshman year school trip was an eye opening moment that resonated with him. As a result, he participated in several plays throughout high school including “Fiddler on the Roof” his senior year.

When did you get the idea for The LOT ?

The original drawings and concept were sketched out in the fall of 2013.

How is The LOT different than your other projects as a registered architect?

“This is personal to me because I live and work in the community.” Justin’s vision extends beyond the physical boundaries of the structure to “a sense of gathering,” where people will come out and “do life together.”

Who has been a major inspiration in your life?

He spent a lot of time growing up around his granddad and as a result he values “a lot of character traits that he embodied, like being humble.”