Daryle Perez


Hometown: Beeville, TX

What did you want to be as a kid?

A graphic artist. Growing up he would enter any art competition he could find and often placed in them.

When you’re not working…

Fishing, golfing, and fantasy football.

How did you get involved with The LOT?

Justin Gilmore began frequenting MaryLou’s Sandwich shop, owned by Daryle’s wife. Daryle’s involvement in Historic Mansfield Business Assoc. and Discover Historic Mansfield made him an obvious candidate to join the board.

Why is The LOT important to you personally?

“For me it’s about growing downtown. We had no experience in the [food industry], but Melissa was born and raised here and we decided to do this restaurant to help downtown succeed.”

Favorite all time live performance?

“I’ve been going to rock concerts since I was 15, first concert was Aerosmith…I was hooked!” While he fully indulged in the peak of 80’s hair metal, he was also in symphonic and jazz band. Growing up in south Texas, tejano and country music also played a part in his eclectic tastes.

Something people would be surprised to learn about you?

His best friend’s family growing up owned a music hall and he used to DJ there when he was 17. He recalls being backstage with Selena and her entourage before they would go on to stardom. Also, he had a mullet in ‘88.